What we do

We run many different weekly activities and events across the year, but here's the best way to get involved with ES:

Every week of term time, plan to come to a Bible Talk and join a Bible Study Group (BSG).

And every year come to our highlight events: Mid Year Conference (MYC) and get involved in Jesus Week

That's two things each week, and two things every year.

Each Week

1. The Bible Talks 

The Bible Talks run every week during term time for 1 hour.

You'll hear a bit about what's happening around ES as well as a talk on a topic or Bible passage.  The Bible Talks are open to the public and they're a great place to stick your head in if you're checking us out. We'd love to have you and your friends along. For City East and Adelaide Uni they run on Tuesday and Wednesday 1-2pm (repeated) at Hartley G10, Adelaide Uni main campus. For UniSA City West and AHMS there held on Monday nights in BH3-12. 

2. Bible Study groups

Meet weekly and start in week 2 of each semester.

These are groups of around 10 led by other students. You'll get to know a few people really well and study the Bible in a way that connects with uni life.

Groups run for 1 hour at different times during the week so they'll work with your timetable. The meet at Adelaide Uni, UniSA City East and City West

Each Year

1. Mid Year Conference

Runs for 5 days in the last week of the mid-year break.

MYC features engaging, in-depth teaching on a theological topic or a book of the Bible.

You'll have great fun, learn more than you thought was possible, and have the opportunity to form new and better relationships with other uni students!

2. Jesus Week

In term three each year, we run Jesus Week - our most focussed week of connecting with the North Terrace campuses.

Each day during Jesus Week we run talks, debates and other opportunities for students to hear about and respond to Jesus.

Jesus Week has a different theme each year which we advertise by wearing hoodies, postering and giving away food.

Plan to get involved with Jesus Week activities as much as you can!