Introducing Jesus

Few loom larger on the pages of history than Jesus of Nazareth. As atheist historian, Tom Holland, writes:

“To live in a Western country is to live in a society still utterly saturated by Christian concepts and assumptions. This is no less true for Jews or Muslims than it is for Catholics or Protestants. Two thousand years on from the birth of Christ, it does not require a belief that he rose from the dead to be stamped by the formidable – indeed the inescapable – influence of Christianity."

But, how well do you really know Jesus? Do you know what he did? What he stood for? Why he died? Can you say with confidence who he was?

This Jesus Week, we invite you to meet Jesus for yourself. 

What's On This Jesus Week?

The Mark Drama

12, 13 & 14/08 | 7 for 7:30-9:00pm
Trinity Church Adelaide, Parish Hall
90 minute Dramatic Production of the Life of Jesus
(Free Event but Limited Space)
Find out more and book your spot here. 

"Meet Jesus: A Beginner's Guide"

13 & 14/08 | 1-1:55pm
Ira Raymond Room, Adelaide Uni
Public Lecture Introducing God, Jesus and the Bible

Uncover John

One of the best ways to meet Jesus is by reading an eyewitness account of his life. We call this "Uncover John" - check out the resource we use here. If you're keen to meet with someone to read uncover on campus, let us know and we'll get back to you soon.

Campus Social Events

Plus, there'll be campus-specific social events at both UniSA and Adelaide. Follow us on instagram or Facebook for more details.

meet jesus around australia

Our "Meet Jesus" campaign is part of a wider movement of university Christian groups and churches who long for people in their campus and neighbourhoods to meet Jesus too! Why not check out some of their content and resources too?