Join other Uni Students on the UniSA City East Campus as we come to know Jesus more and more each week.

What's happening at City East?

Join other Uni students at UniSA as we come to know Jesus more and more each week.
We split into different faculties, those at UniSA City East will be in the AH (Allied Health) faculty.

The bible Talks:

You'll hear a bit about what's happening around ES as well as a talk on a topic or Bible passage. There is the opportunity to ask questions after the talk, and we usually head out for coffee after if you don't have classes to get to in the next hour.

The Bible Talks are open to the public and they're a great place to stick your head in if you're checking us out. Bring along your friends and we'll see you there! 
Tuesday & Wednesday 1pm-2pm (Repeated)

Rumours Cafe, Union House (Adelaide Uni)

Bible Study Groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

We have weekly small groups that we run on the City East campus, a great place to invite friends and read the bible with other Uni Students on campus. If you'd like to be part of a group sign up here: