About Us

Reaching every uni student on North Terrace with the good news of Jesus Christ to present everyone mature in Him.

That's our vision! And it's what makes us a little different than most uni clubs. We don't simply exist for our members, but also for those who don't know or haven't yet heard and embraced the great news about Jesus.

If you are a Christian...

Joining ES will help you:

  • Know Jesus more deeply
  • Live the Christian life well at uni, and
  • Tell others the good news about Jesus

If you desire to grow in your maturity as a Christian, and make the most of the opportunities God gives you while you're at uni, please join us! You'll find fellowship, encouragement and training at ES.

We are non-denominational. People from many different denominations and backgrounds join us.

If you are not a Christian...

We also welcome you to join us at one of our many events and activities.

We promise not to push our beliefs onto you. We want you to have the opportunity to hear, question and come to your own conclusions about Jesus.

Coming to a Bible Talk would be a good place to start, or you could drop us a line if you have questions or would like to meet with someone one-to-one or in a small group to find out more about Christianity.

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Our affiliations

We are part of a national movement - the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
AFES is part of an international movement - the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students
We are a club registered with the Adelaide University Union
We are a club affiliated with UniSA USASA