Jesus Week

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The theme for this year's Jesus Week is "I find hope in...". The talks are delivered by Ben Woodd.

We hope you enjoy them! Please get in touch with us using the contact link on our website if you would like to ask questions or investigate more about Jesus. We'd be happy to help you do so.

Watch the video recordings on youtube

The Great Debate video available at

  • Jesus Week 2017 What's Life Without...

Jesus Week 2017: What's life without...

The theme of this year's Jesus Week is "What if I Told You..."

Watch Monday's debate between Prof. Han Baltussen and Rev. Geoffery Lin here, on the topic: "What if I told you...our biggest problem is people?"

Your God

Prof. John Lennox delivered this lecture at Adelaide University in August 2014.

The topic is "Will science ever find God's fingerprints?"

Video of the talk is also available here. Q&A available here.